In 2008, Texas Monthly began a quest, seeking ‘down home’ privately-owned cafes. They followed a check list and evaluated daily specials and family favorites, such as chicken-fried steak, mashed potatoes, burgers and fries, onion rings, pork chops, cornbread, fresh doughnuts, and hot apple pie, in places that cooked their food ‘in-house’, seeking to find those that used ‘old time’ original recipes, cooked from scratch, and resisted the temptation to resort to pre-fab, pre-frozen, food prepared in advance and shipped in full of preservatives and dyes.

The TEXAN CAFE & Pie Shop is honored to be selected as one of those chosen as one of the ‘40 Best.’ The magazine also showed pictures of the top 9 pies and The TEXAN CAFE – Peanut Butter Pie was featured.

Hutto | Population 11,889


This friendly joint in Hutto’s old downtown has an inventive way with classic fare. Don’t be perplexed by fried pickles. They’re lightly battered and surprisingly delicious. Homemade onion rings have a spicy cornmeal crust, and the T’s in the BLT are fried and green. Sides are fresh and tasty, especially the palate-cleansing cucumber salad and the Grumpy Potatoes, which left us anything but. The hand-breaded chicken-fry is made-to-order. Baked on the premises every morning, the pies are unfussy yet creative. There were sixteen the day we visited, including a peanut butter variety that makes Reese’s seem like kid stuff. Don’t miss the Pie Happy Hour, an institution that we imagine has caused a marked decline in late-afternoon productivity in the Hutto metro area.

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