The TEXAN CAFE & Pie Shop…

began in 1996, in a small building along Highway 79, just a few miles east of Hutto at the old ‘Frameswitch’ train stop.
Out front stood ‘Ferdinand”, a larger-than-life Hereford statue.

As traffic grew along 79 – the property was sold to the Texas Highway department, and the cafe was moved to Hutto’s Old Downtown area. It seems about then “Ferdinand” ‘passed on’, and his head was mounted on the top of the building above the cafe’s entry door.

Ferdinand Head

In 2006, the cafe was sold to Roger Joughin and business partner, Ron Yaudes.

Roger was brought up on a farm in Michigan, raising livestock and plowing fields – eating wonderful meals cooked by mom and grandma.

After many years of managing corporately owned restaurants and following pre-set menus, Roger is the proud owner of his own ‘down home’ cafe and gets a ‘good feeling’ to be able to use recipes from Grandma and Mom to keep their memories alive.

While working to ‘ bring back the old time flavors ‘, as well as creating more unique side choices and pies – Roger always strives to personally greet each customer at the door.


Co-Owner Ron Yaudes was raised in a small, historic Midwest town, best remembering the families’ Sunday trips in the old Chevy to some remote country cafe. (note: oil cloth tablecloth & NO TV)

He has enjoyed careers as a High school Theatre teacher, a McDonalds Manager, and a CENTURY 21 Relocation Director.

You may see him greeting customers, assisting the staff or sometimes even standing out on Route 79 holding a sign to snag a weary traveler from the east looking to discover a great little old small town cafe.